A limited number of partial or full support is available for mESC-School 21 applicants. The partial support will cover half of the registration fee. Similarly full support will cover the full fee(*).

To apply for financial support, please follow the normal pre-registration process and indicate that you require Financial Support. The applicant, as given in pre-registration, is required to provide;
1)a brief information regrading your background; University and Program you graduated, ( Please include i)Cumulative GPA (undergraduate), ii)ALES score or equivalent, ii)TEOFL/YDS score or equivalent )
2) your recent work/research and
3) briefly desribe why you want to participate in the summer school
4) Briefly describe and justify the level of support needed, i.e. half or full support.
5) Please name two persons ( one preferably your advisor -if relevant from whom we may contact and get information about your application.)

Those who are granted full or partial support will be announced at the end of the pre-registration period.

(*) Please note that even if the applicant is granted full support, he/she is still required to “pay” half of the registration fee. However this “payment” is treated as deposit and will be returned to the applicant at the end of the summer school. In case of no show up or insufficient participation during the summer school,  the deposit will NOT be returned to the applicant but will be charged as reservation fee.