The summer school  mESC-School 21 originally planned as hybrid event, i.e. both online as well as face-to-face meeting, will be held online only. Therefore the venue item is no longer applicable to mESC-School 21.

Here we describe how you can reach Mugla using shuttle services . You might just as well contact your hotel, many of which could make arangments so that you can be picked up from the airport.

Bodrum-Milas airport

MUTTAS operates shuttle services between Bodrum-Milas Airport and Menteşe Otogar (Mugla’s main bus station). The schedule is linked with airflights. The journey takes approximately 1 h 15 minutes, see bus route below . Upon reaching Muğla (Menteşe Otogar) you can take a taxi to your destination

Dalaman Airport

MUTTAS as well as HAVAS operate shuttle services between Dalaman airport and Marmaris. However, to reach Mugla you have to get off the bus on Gokova , see map below. Then you can  take  take dolmus or bus to Mugla ( 20-25 km).

Milas Bodrum Airport – Mugla (Menteşe) Otogar 25,00 TL
Dalaman Airport- Gokova (Marmaris ) 25,00 TL